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Singapore (SIN) Holiday Guide
Flights Destination Singapore
What you need to know before you book your airfare and tickets
Looking for an Asian City trip? How about booking a cheap flight to Singapore? This city state located at the Southern tip of the Malay Peninsula is the place where East meets West and you can travel from India to China in one afternoon. It's a true melting pot of different cultures. As Singapore is the food capital of Southeast Asia, you might want to try one of the food themed city tours. Hop on the Food &Eat tour which takes you to the different area's of this culturally diverse city and eat till you can't no more. Or how about learning to cook yummy Malay dishes yourself? Sign up for one of Ruqxana's Malay cooking classes and impress your friends at home with exotic dishes from Singapore. It will also give you a sneak peek into a real Singaporean home. Alternatively indulge in an afternoon tea session at the Raffles hotel. Reminisce about days gone by while sipping on your flowery Chinese blossom tea and nibbling a scrumptious pastry. Of course you can't leave Singapore without seeing any shops. There are so many shopping streets and malls to choose from that it might be hard to decide where to start. A good place to begin is the pedestrianised Orchard Road, which is also a good place for some evening entertainment. For a scenic cocktail, take the lift to the Roof Bar Sundeck Terrace in China Town which gives you a 360 view across the entire city.
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