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New York (NYC) Holiday Guide
Flights Destination New York
What you need to know before you book your airfare and tickets
Have you found a cheap flight to New York, but are you still struggling to find cheap accommodation? You might not expect it but you don't need to be a millionaire to visit New York. So not only will you be able to hop on a cheap flight to New York, you will also find some great deals once you get there. For cheap accommodation check out the Village Voice, the free weekly paper. There are many listings of residential lettings and if you are planning to stay a week or longer, you can rent a room with shared bathroom for the same price as one night in a hotel. If you are into the labels but not into the cash, travel downtown to Century 21 the best outlet store in Manhattan. Or try LoftWorks on Lafayette street in Tribeca. Big designer duds like Prada and Gucci are discounted for up to 80% here. For the culture vultures there are many museums on the island. They usually ask for a donation only, so you can pay what you want to see some great works of art. No need to pay big bucks for food either. On pretty much every corner you will find the quintessentially New York deli's and a lot of them have salad bars. There is usually a pretty wide variety of hot and cold dishes which you can take away to be enjoyed in say Central Park. Now go and book that cheap flight to New York and off you go.
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