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Paphos (PFO) Holiday Guide
What you need to know before you book your airfare and tickets
Booked a cheap flight to Paphos, Cyprus? Here are some must visit places to go to on your trip to the Cypriote capital. Have a look around the Roman Mosaics. They're part of a larger excavation site, but you can walk around and admire the beautiful mosaics. There are also remains of a castle and a theatre. Or feel like you've been warped back in time at the Tombs of the Kings, another archaeological site on the island. There are a bunch of underground tunnels and other rooms that you can enter, which makes it for a remarkable site, especially if you're visiting with children. Want to cool off? Head to the beach near Aphrodite's Rock. It's a rock formation that sits in the sea. Legend goes that if you manage to swim around the formation three times, you will be given the gift of eternal life. Be careful when you do, as the current can be quite strong and the legend might actually shift the other way. Another Aphrodite themed aquatic attraction is the massive water park with the same name. Enjoy the many slides and other water rides which are a great way to spend an afternoon of fun. For an authentic Cypriote and opulent meal, head to 7 St George's Tavern. The meze is to die for and the hosts George and Ben are the nicest you've ever met.
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